The Importance of Culture

The Charleston County School District has adopted a cultural policy to ensure its employees contribute to the district’s ability to become more culturally proficient.  With items such as:

  • Value Diversity
  • Cultural Knowledge
  • Adaptation

We are on the path to guarantee that all teachers and students are involved in the growth and success of the Charleston County School District. Apply now!

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Charleston County School District

Our Community Striving for Success

The mission of Charleston County School District, a dynamic system of challenging educational choices, is to increase student achievement overall and close the achievement gaps in order to prepare all students to compete in a global economy and make a positive contribution to our community and nation. We understand that the success of our community starts in the classroom, at the earliest ages, this is why we are so thrilled to be a driving part of our publics’ future.

Charleston County School District

Building a Confident Tomorrow

Our community and surroundings are the foundation and building blocks of what we can look forward to when growing towards our future. By putting the highest quality team in place to lead our students, we know they will be set up for true success. The culture we surround ourselves with is extremely important and this is why we are so passionate about the cultural competency policy we established in 2019 and still honor today.

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Students are The heart heart of our work!